Illuminated Coat Rack gives a new dimension to the home decor

Coat rack has been an integral part of our homes that offers an organized place to hang clothing in a tidy manner. Reviving the conventional coat racks, Industrial Designer Robert Guglielmo has created a unique household object that apart from placing your apparel elegantly also lights up your space with a soft glow.

Illuminating the branches (pegs) with LED lighting encased with the sandblasted beverage bottles, the coat rack takes the form of a piece of art to enhance the decor of your place. Users can place the coat rack in any room where they usually remove their apparel, when they get back to the home from office or market.

The LED lighting just use a small part of the electricity required to power a 60W bulb, which makes it energy efficient and thus environmentally friendly. Looking more like a sculpture than a domestic clothe hanger, the Illuminated Coat Rack gives a whole new dimension to the home decor.

Via: Rgid101

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