Cargo hinged coffee table with hidden storage expands to your needs

We have earlier covered some of the most beautiful and functional coffee tables, including the levitating coffee tables, most luxurious high tech coffee tables and expandable coffee tables. This time, we have the Cargo by Frédéric Saulou, a hinged coffee table that could be arranged in different styles to suit your liking and space needs. The Cargo coffee table also offers storage space in the form of a secret box, which you can either hide or reveal as per your requirements. The amazing coffee table comprises two perforated and nested modules, which are able to rotate and slide easily and freely on each other to change the feel and décor of your space.

The Cargo table has a joint that’s controlled and monitored by a simple assembly, free of nails. Measuring 1000 x 400 x 260mm, the Cargo hinged table has its two powder coated aluminum parts on a solid oak base and it extends and expands to your needs.

Via: Notcot/Muuuz

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