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Eclipse faucet by Sein Design for modern bathrooms

Nowadays, there is a range of stylish and high tech faucets on the shelves that aim to add a bit of glamour, luxury and comfort to your bathroom and kitchen experience. The Eclipse faucet by Sein Design makes for a visually inviting experience and lets you experience water in a whole new way. Designed for the contemporary bathrooms, Eclipse faucet is inspired by the shapes of the moon, and it allows homeowners to easily control the water flow and the water temperature. To turn on the faucet, you will have to push the slider gently towards the wall. The water starts flowing from the slot between the slider and the faucet’s base.

While pushing down the left side of the handle gives you hot water, the cold water comes out when you push the right side of the handle. While the Eclipse faucet doesn’t have any high tech features, it does flaunt an elegant design and easy functionality that will perfectly suit the modern bathrooms.

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