Enotreex lets you display your wines display elegantly

As a bibliophile knows the value of a bookcase to display the volumes, a true wine connoisseur knows the value of proper wine storage and preservation. Enter Enotreex by Charles Teyssier, a beautiful wine rack that will let you showcase your valued wine collection with style and distinction. The beautiful wine rack is an offshoot of the minimalist Bibliotreex bookshelf by the designer. The Enotreex has been designed in a way to keep intact all the standard bottle sizes and magnums and Champagne bottles with their labels clearly visible.

The Enotreex is made from wood collected from sustainable managed forests. The Enotreex wine rack is estimated to sell for less than €250. If you are looking for something more modern and modular, you might love to consider the STACT modular wine wall.

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