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Precision Casting – Limited edition Cioccolato wall clock

An upshot of the collaboration between SCHMOLZ + BICKENBACH Group and the Berlin-based design studio Formfjord, the Cioccolato is a limited edition, sculptural wall clock made from cast stainless steel in a precision-casting process. Produced in a limited run of 1,000 units, the Cioccolato wall clock, launched under the Pure Cast label, was born out of an aim to challenge the limits of casting technology. The production of Cioccolato wall clock goes through a series of complex stages. While designing the amazing all clock, the designers emphasized on specific functional and technical details of the casting process in order to give the wall clock a clean and clear shape.

The ’19/11′ alloy for casting Cioccolato is made with precision and the mix includes chrome, silicon, molybdenum and iron. You can read about the complete, complex process of making the Cioccolato wall clock at Architonic.



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