Xavier Dumont’s one-of-a-kind Twig inspired furniture

Currently on display at Anthropologie’s gallery at Rockefeller Center are one-of-a-kind beaches, easels and chairs that seem to have grown straight from the earth. Designed by French sculptor Xavier Dumont, the functional furniture pieces draw inspiration from the vigorous force that stems from the trees. Mr. Dumont creates his twig-inspired furniture from a combination of resin, metal and marble powder. Some of his creations are now being sold through Anthropologie and the line includes $4,800 Rooted Bench, $2,800 Blackened Flourish Easel, $2,400 Swept Twig Chair and the $2,800 Intertwined Double Armchair.

Each piece has been sculpted by hand and brings to mind the winding roots and reaching branches. The exhibition ends on September 27, 2012.

Via: NYTimes

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