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Transforming furniture units for urban apartments

Since the living space has always been a premium in the compact urban apartments, homeowners need to make sure they go for the right furniture pieces that take up less space while serving some good purpose. Multifunctional furniture units are a great option for small spaces, as they can be used in one way or the other and do not consume too much of your precious space. Owing to the ever-increasing space problems, transforming furniture is becoming quite popular with the urban dwellers. Here are some of the most clever transforming furniture units targeted straight at the urban apartments.

  • Doc Sofa/Bunk Bed by Bonbon Trading

The Doc Sofa/Bunk Bed by Bonbon Trading is an ingenious design that serves two purposes in one unit. The comfortable sofa transforms into a bunk bed in no time when you need to have some sound sleep. The Doc Sofa/Bunk Bed enjoys a modern design and seems to be a great addition to your children’s room. Moreover, the sofa-cum-bunk bed features an integrated supporting ladder and safety rail. You can choose from a range of fabric and finish options.

  •  Casulo

Designed by Marcel Krings and Sebastian Muhlhauser, Casulo packs an entire room’s furniture in one small box. The 80cm x 120cm modular Casulo box opens to create a wardrobe, desk, three stools, a bookcase and a bed with a mattress. Two people can assemble the Casulo in 10 minutes with utmost ease and without the need for tools.

  •  DoubleSpace kitchenette

Designed with compact living spaces in mind, the DoubleSpace kitchenette by Vestal Design combines a reversible sofa and mini-kitchenette in one stylish unit. The comfortable chair transforms easily into a countertop with two electric burners. When the DoubleSpace is in the chair orientation, the users won’t be able to turn on the burner for safety purpose. The transforming furniture/cooking unit can be easily disassembled for transportation or storage.

  • FlexibleLove

A great option for small apartments and other spaces where flexible seating could play a major role, the FlexibleLove enjoys 100-percent recycled paper and wood construction, and you can expand it to suit your liking. The sustainable FlexibleLove line includes three seating units that expand to meet your seating needs.

  • FUNiture by HAN’S Designs

Here is yet another amazing transforming furniture unit from the house of HAN’s Designs. Dubbed FUNiture playfully, the single piece could be used as a bed, a table, a desk and a bookcase by playing with its modules. The concept furniture has been named so, as it needs physical involvement from the user.

  • PixelTable by Studio Intussen

Whether you need a table, some space for your gadgetry or a neat storage solution, the PixelTable by Studio Intussen does it all for you. The cube furniture comprises bamboo slats that can be arranged to create more spaces to suit your needs. The bamboo slots can be pulled out and pushed back to create space accordingly.

  • Bedroom in a Box

The “Bedroom in a Box” by designer Rolands Landsbergs of Boxetti is an amazing, space saving furniture unit that features a series of modules that convert into a whole furnishing line, which includes a bed, a desk, storage cupboards and a wardrobe. When not in use, all the modules can be put back into the box to save on space. Moreover, there is a spotlight and a mood lighting fixture above the bed’s headboard. You have a remote control to lift the foldaway bed platform automatically.

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