Convenient lighting is all you need to brighten every corner of your home and if your home is not sufficient with adequate lighting then this can cause diverse unevenness in your home. Nowadays there is a surfeit of state-of-the-art lighting solutions available. Modern designs, eco-friendly lighting and sophisticated fittings have become a popular trend since last few years. According to Vastu Shastra, lighting is categorized into three parts i.e., generic lighting for the whole house, accent lighting to decor home and task lighting to light up the area where usual tasks are executed.

 Here we have some important home lighting principles according to Vastu. 

  • Light up your Lounge:

Light up your Lounge

  • Chandelier, a center of attraction for living area will illuminate your hall in an adequate manner. A chandelier would be a perfect fit to discover spectacular visuals and to upgrade the appearance of your lounge.
  • Use an abstract lightening system for your living room to put a limelight on the plants. Make sure the fixtures you choose have soothing colours that match to the color combination of your lounge walls.
  • Use recessed lighting system, it would be a great idea to change the aura of your living room within a second. Recessed lightning system illuminates the part of the room according to your requirement.
  • Find a pretty perfect sconce to enumerate a classic look to your lounge and you’ll see how a normal lounge right away acquires a beautiful landscape feel.
  • Lighting for the bedroom:


  • As stated in Vastu Shastra, lighting is a crucial part of the bedroom. Pleasant lighting is the key principle of the magnificent bedroom. Make sure the lighting you installed in the bedroom have soothing and elegant compositions.
  • The bedroom is private space where you want to spend leisure moments, want to unwind and rejuvenate. So you must choose lights low watts lighting option to create a dreamy and romantic feel in your room.
  • You can also opt for embellishing hanging lights that would literally illuminate the whole look and feel of your room.
  • Choose decorative bedside night lamps to give an artistic look to your bedroom. 
  • Illuminate your kitchenette:kitchenette
  • Vastu says, always decide kitchen lighting seeing all the aspects of tasks executed in the area. Tasks lighting for the kitchen is a fantastic choice for the sink and shelves. Associate recessed lighting with a pearly LED light down the closet for an exceptional glimpse.
  • Enhance your kitchen outdoor with a skylight. Skylights make wonderful use of natural shine to illuminate small space off kitchen.
  • Hanging Lights drooping from the down ceiling would be a great lighting fixture for your kitchen. It comes in various shapes and sizes along with some beautiful, exclusive and classic look. Add hanging lights in your kitchen and allow them to act as a style statement too!
  • Maximize your bathroom lighting:


  • Whenever lighting is a plan for a home, bathroom lighting always considered minimal as compared to other rooms. However, as per Vastu, bring the ambient lighting with a task light just above the glass for your bathroom would be an attractive option.
  • The arrangement of fluorescent lights & tubes should be proper in bathroom area it would be very convenient while taking bath and washing clothes.
  • Nothing can take place of natural light coming from a wide window in your bathroom area. Arrange French windows for your bathroom to see how natural light’s charm awe your bathroom.

Vastu principles for plentiful lighting not only enumerate beautiful charm in your home but also rebound great energy and prosperity inflow.

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