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Fun ways to have a unique looking work desk in the office

by Dr Prem Community Writer
Personal mugs

Long days at the office need not be dreary anymore. Since your office is almost your second home, your workspace should be a space you’d like to spend time in. Decorating your work desk in a way which is your own, unique style will make you look forward to coming to office. Your surroundings have a great impact on your mental, emotional, spiritual and physical health, so here are some ways to transform your work desk in a fun, wonderful way, which would help to increase your productivity too:


Offices invariable have overhead blue fluorescent lights. This light may not even be enough for you. Instead of straining to see properly, invest in a lamp you can keep on your desk. It will provide the much-needed brightness as well as create a nice, warm, and snug corner for you. The light of the lamp will make you want to work at your desk more than ever before. Halogen lamps are said to increase the clarity of details, which mean you can see much more easily, apart from enjoying your cozy corner.

Area rug

An area rug does not exactly count as work desk decor, but it does wonders for your entire workspace; especially since the carpets in offices are bland and colorless. Add a colorful area rug to upgrade your workspace and make it the envy of your co-workers.



Since you can’t enjoy the glorious sunshine and nature outside, bring nature inside. According to a study, keeping plants in the office increases the productivity and happiness of the employees. You too can become a happy and productive employee by keeping a plant or two on your work desk. You can keep low maintenance plants like the ‘Peace Lily’ or some cactus. Air plants look great and need almost no maintenance, which is good news if you don’t have a green thumb, yet like to have some greenery around.

Fun calendars

With a calendar, you’ll never miss any appointments. Calendars come in all varieties – from landscapes, geometric shapes, and famous paintings, to some whacky ones which would make you smile. They can make your background brighter- and if you choose one with an inspiring message – spur you on to do your best work. Calendars, therefore are a great way to enhance your work desk.


Nostalgic souvenirs or some small figurines will look lovely on your desk. You can find them in thrift shops, country stores, or online websites. You can make these artifacts functional by using them as paperweights. You can keep changing the figurines to give a different look to your work desk every now and then. 


Pin up some drapery, upholstery fabric or a large poster to express your personality. Just use some wrapping paper if you don’t have any fabric or wallpaper – it will have the same effect.

Personal mug

Personal mugs

If your organization gives out complimentary coffee and tea, you can keep a nice mug on your table. If not, find out if you can keep a French press on your table. For those times when you have to put in extra hours at the office, a personalized mug, as well as a personal refreshment station, can do wonders for your morale. It will also keep you awake.

Fun organizers

There are tons of office supplies and organizers which are fun and creative. You can pick out paper clips, pens and so on and store them in unique organizers. These organizers will help you keep your desk tidy and neat all the time.

Decorating your work desk in a unique way will pick you up from the slump you go through during the 9-5 day. Have fun upgrading your work desk. Ensure that there is enough flexibility so that you can redo it at a minimum expense whenever you want to.

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