Wine Couch by Perriann Hodges offers secret storage for oenophiles

Designed by Perriann Hodges, this beautiful Wine Couch draws inspiration from Dionysus, the God of the grape harvest, wine, fertility, ritual madness and ecstasy in Greek mythology. Dionysus is known as Bacchus in Roman mythology. The Wine sofa is made from fabric that complements the wood of the wine crates. While wine bottles have been used as decorative elements, the couch has space for up to 18 bottles of wine storage. Wine crates for the couch are taken from Doffo Winery in the San Diego area, as they use wooden wine crates rather than cardboard boxes. The 12 wine crates around the couch have been used as decorative wood elements.

The Wine Couch also features four full double wine crates that make for secret compartment on the back of the sofa to accommodate another eight bottles of your favorite wine. The Wine Couch makes good use of space that would have otherwise gone wasted to hold wine bottles and the designer believes that this would have pleased the Greco-Roman deity.

Cheers! Perriann Hodges

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