3 ways to protect the Health of Your Family while Treating Your Home for Pests 

Treating Your Home for Pests 

When homeowners find cockroaches, mice or spiders in and around their homes the first thing that question is the cleanliness of the area and then the potential health risks involved with having an active pest infestation. A large number of pests carry bacteria and diseases that can cause health-related issues, so this concern is especially true for parents raising young children or toddlers. Before any form of pest control is carried out there are a few things you can do protect young children or babies ahead of having your home treated. Here are 3 things you can do to eradicate unwanted pests and in the process ensure you are not compromising the health of your family.

1. Avoid DIY Treatments

Avoid DIY TreatmentsSo many household treatments have harmful chemicals in them and guaranteed they are not nearly as effective as professional treatments. Not only are over the counter products potentially harmful to young children they rarely treat the root of the problem. Many parents proceed to flood the areas with store or hardware bought pest poisons that leave a surface residue of chemicals that a toddler can easily come into contact with weeks later

It’s essential that professional pest control experts apply a treatment that is specific to your pest infestation. It is always applied strategically, in measured amounts, with specialised equipment and above all, it is safe to use around your family and pets.

Many over the counter treatments have “scheduled poisons” and are capable of what’s referred to as “secondary kills”. This implies that if an owl ate a poisoned rat it too would die from the chemical used to terminate the pest.

2.    Avoid researching unverified websites

It’s one of the most common mistakes many parents make is researching chemical products via unverified sources online. This only results in incorrect information and potentially making misinformed decisions about the best way forward. Any reputable pest control company will provide you with practical, accurate, technical and well-informed advice and guidance. So be sure to engage with an industry professional.

3.    Use a Professional Pest Control Service

Professional-Pest-Control-ServiceAdvances in Pest Control treatments means greater consideration has been dedicated to providing treatments that are not harmful to the environment or occupants of the home while targeting specific pests in a controlled environment. The type of products used by pest control technicians and the way in which they are applied has changed considerably over the years.

Homes, childcare centres and hospitals are commonly treated with pesticides known as Cislin 25. This pesticide is applied at a very low dosage usually inside wall cavities and voids and because of its suitable to use around children and those with compromised immunity this pesticide is deemed a much safer treatment option.

Cheap Pesticides Are Not Effective

Any reputable pest control company should always be using the very best in terms of pesticides, such as BASF, or Bayer. These are leading brands that undergo rigorous testing to ensure they are always up to date in terms of safety codes and requirements.

Unfortunately, some pest control companies may opt for cheaper pesticide alternatives which are much more harmful to pets and children simply because they are able to increase their profit margins.

To sum up

In almost all cases, customers are unaware of the difference or that the health of their family may be at risk. To safeguard you against this, ask your pest control technician for a safety data sheet. The safety data sheet will contain useful information about the chemicals being used, how they should be applied, it will address safety concerns, and also cover whether or not they have passed Australian codes and safety regulation standards.

Parents should know that any reputable pest control company will only apply pesticides that are not accessible in common areas of the home and vacating your home during a treatment really is not necessary but more of a personal choice. If you have concerns for your children’s safety, or they suffer from any allergies then it’s probably best to spend the morning at the park when treatment commences.

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