Tips for saving on heating costs of your apartment

Winter is the perfect time to spend your leisure day sitting at home feeling cozy. But keeping your home warm in winters can be a hectic task as winters makes your home damp and windy. But, it is often necessary to keep your home warm. Also, it should not leave you to cry for power after spending so much on the heating appliances. Energy saving can be a smart option to follow. You can follow some of the energy saving regimes for saving on heating cost.

Allow natural heat to pour into your house.

Sun is the natural supplier of heat. There’s nothing more soothing than a winter sun. It can reduce your home heating bills. Allow the natural heat to enter your house. Open the doors and window at the daytime. Open the curtains when there is sun, it will provide warmness to your house and do not forget to close the curtains at the night time. This will keep your home warm and cozy.

Keep yourself warm with loads of cloth

Keep yourself warm with loads of cloth

Save electricity during winter by covering yourself in layers; cover your feet with a pair of socks as it is the most sensitive part of your body. Also, try adding a warm cap to protect yourself fully. Keep throw blankets on your couch to keep it warm. Try adding rugs in every part of your house to insulate the floor. This is a very easy way of saving on heating bills, as this saves you from opting for heating appliances. Click here to see more guides on home insulation.

Minimize the uses of exhaust fans

Exhaust can be very effective to pull the hot air. Minimizing the use of exhaust fan can also help you in saving quite a lot of money. Try using them only if you need and shut them off immediately after use. Some people are habitual of turning the fans all over the house. Do not do that; instead, use it for only once when you need it the most.

Go for energy efficient appliances

Go for energy efficient appliancesYou can reduce your home heating bills by going for energy-efficient appliances. There are varieties of energy efficient appliances available in the market. Keep energy conservation in mind while choosing efficient appliances. It can reduce the cost of heating by 15 percent when compared to the regular model. Other than choosing your new appliances, get your old one checked at regular interval to make sure if it performing well. If you find it consuming more energy, it’s the time replace with energy saving one. Installing a thermostat is a good option as it helps you keep a check on air temperature.

Do a Little house maintenance

Get your house properly checked as soon as the winter arrives to prevent unwanted breeze entering in. It can make your house, soggy and humid. Check for any seal, leakage in the house. Especially, your door and windows. You can feel the cold breeze when you move your hand slightly towards any leak. So get it repaired and also you can opt for some heavy, thick curtains and blinds to keep the house warm and cozy. There are some other options apart from this, Door sweep can be a good alternative; you can place at the bottom of your door to keep the bay away and will keep your home warm in winters.

Heat only the rooms you want.

Heat only the rooms you want

Heat only the rooms that are occupied most of the times. If you have a room which you don’t use, seal the vents of those rooms to prevent moisture and dampness. Use the heater only where you need, and maintain the temperature using the thermostat, you can save energy and make your room warmer and make it ultimately reflect on your electricity cost.


Maintaining your apartment temperature in the chilling winter can be a chaotic task, especially when you are trying to save those extra bucks. But, with the little adjustment and smartness, we can reduce the energy cost. Maintaining comfortable temperature is all we have to follow to get the best result and to reduce the home heating bill.

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