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How to Give Your Home an Amazing Look  

by Dr Prem Community Writer
Give Your Home an Amazing Look  

Having a house is fine but making it home is a real job. Here we are offering five tips, by using which you can provide an everlasting amazing look to your home in no time. Also, our ideas won’t cost you much, what we mean is you will not need to spend a fortune to implement any of these ideas.

Coloring the Home in a Different Way

Coloring the Home

In recent past, a trend emerged wherein one room was flecked in different tones – like walls used to be all red while the roof meant only one color – yellow. Remember, the trend has passed. People have used such contrasting color schemes so much that now it starts looking boring. Hence, as per my suggestion, you must use one tone in one room. Selection of the color should be according to the furnishing and nature of the room. Such as for the living room you can select royal tones while for bedrooms a matte hue will look perfect. You can also use wallpapers from Wallsauce to create the perfect look.

Resizing your Curtains

Drapes in a house usually start from a little higher from the door and finish even before reaching to the floor. Such short sized curtains never let your house to adopt a royal look. So, I would suggest that you resize the curtains to make them complement the length of your room. Start from the nearest corner of the roof and then try to reach to the floor. In doing so, the room will not only look spacious but majestic as well. However, take a good look upon your taste before choosing color of the curtains in your house.

Adding Portraits and Paintings

PaintingPlaying with the esthetics is what brings sophistication to the surroundings; hence, using paintings, portraits, and esthetical pieces of art on the tables, in the entrances, or on the windows is one of the great ways to bring sophistication to your house. So, I would suggest that you use paintings in the hallways, family portraits in rooms, and metal-pieces in the areas that are prone to be visited by the guests. You do not need to purchase expensive paintings; instead, simple and sleek DIY paintings complementing the whitewashed color of your room are just enough.

Decorating Ceilings of the Rooms

Ceilings are a big thing that can play an important role in providing a royal look to your home. The ceilings should be decorated decently. It is not necessary that you go for an expensive ceiling expert to give it a different look; in fact, by using DIY painting techniques, you can paint ceilings and make them look wonderful.

Adding Real Flowers

Adding Real FlowersHaving flowers on the side tables and pots placed in the living room will give a refreshing look to your home. Make it a point to have real and fresh flowers that complement the colors of curtains or the furnishing. Similarly, flowers are not expensive, as they can be grown in the backyard of your house or the pots placed in your kitchen.

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