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Steampunk style light fixtures by Josh W. Kinsey

If you always have had a thing for Steampunk inspired creations, you are sure to admire the stunning Steampunk styled lighting fixtures by Josh W. Kinsey, owner and operator of J. W. Kinsey’s Artifice. The light fixtures are not “found object” or “assemblage art”. Every part of these lamps is handmade and no adhesives have been used to assemble the parts. Instead, every part has been joined mechanically with heirloom quality materials and finishes. Most of the Steampunkish lighting fixtures from J. W. Kinsey’s Artifice are available in antiqued brass, antiqued nickel and black lacquer.

  • Mystarium Table Lamp

A commissioned piece, the Mystarium table lamp features two modes of illumination – general task lighting and night light. The round black walnut and brass knobs at the top are the rotary control switches. The lamp is made from wood, various metals, mica and assorted electronics.

  • Tessaquinary Table Lamp

Josh W. Kinsey has named this Steampunk style lamp after his daughter Tessa. An accent light, the Tessaquinary table lamp has 280 holes in the central light cage, which rotates slowly. While the smaller knowb controls the rotating action, the larger knob turns on the light.

  • Cylindrium Table Lamp

Not meant for general illumination, the Cylindrium accent light stands 36-inches tall and can be easily disassembled with a screwdriver.

  • Pentarium Table Lamp

Meant for task lighting, the stunning Pentarium table lamp stands 44-inches tall and features rotary switches for the primary light bulbs and turning on the mica illumination within the main body.

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