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Design Ideas for Stairway Railing That You May Use

by Dr Prem Community Writer
Stairway Railing

You can get plenty of ideas from the internet, if you are planning to design stairway railing for your house or office building. We are sharing few design ideas in the following paragraphs. You can also visit this website and explore available options before you install them.

Smartly Synced

Stairway Railing

By choosing right design for staircase railing for your home, you can reflect its actual architecture and provenance. By choosing this entry staircase and railings design, you can stay with the home’s real Victorian origins. There are paneled posts which is stained to match all the handrails and staircase trim. To keep the looks bright, choose white balusters and link it well with the architecturally significant woodwork of your home.

Dramatic Combination

You can transform the balusters and railing on your basic staircase by applying high-gloss black paint. In order to let the dramatic railing shine, use white risers. It is much easier to replicate this stair railing idea and all that you need is little paint and your time.

Modern Take

Stairway RailingThis style is often preferred in farmhouse design, but you can also easily bend the rules. You can prefer any modern stair railing, in place of something that is more rustic or country, that can outfit your staircase. Use black metal fabrication which is sleek and can easily ground the light and white finishes found in most of the places where there is open living space available.

Vintage Charm

For any old home, beautiful woodwork can be an asset, but sometimes for present-day aesthetics, such look can be quite heavy. You can preserve its antique features at the same time maintain your actual style with a little bit of compromise. Here, stair railings and wood newel posts are left unpainted and you can refinish it with a stain that allows the wood grain and its carved details to shine. With white paint, the balusters can get a fresh face.

Float on By

Stairway RailingYour old orange wood finish of floating staircase of 1950 can be given a fresh face just by painting and a little smart handiwork. Gray painting on the center of each tread can create a stepping stone look, and the finish can be protected by using polyurethane. Your vertical railings showcase from floor-to-ceiling can be of midcentury modern design, while with crisp white painting; it can be converted into the look of this century.

Traditional Turn

Any formal foyers may need elegant staircases which are equipped with finely detailed stair railings. This railing, which boasts classically contoured white balusters and a black-painted handrail, can create an interesting turn at the beginning. On the staircase’s first step, the handrail wraps which is supported by balusters together with black newel post that further adds weight to the entry point of the staircase. By incorporating white elements and also adding wooden railing designs for your stairs, you can keep the look light.

Finely Forged

Stairway RailingBy choosing any graceful shaped baluster you can create a very sophisticated iron stair railing which takes a slight twist near the landing. With single railing, it is possible to complement the elegant furnishings of homeowner.

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