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How to Declutter Your Home with Self Storage Solutions

by Dr Prem Community Writer
Declutter Your Home

Homeowners struggle with finding the space to effectively declutter their homes. Such homeowners, like yourself, feel embarrassed by their unorganized homes and inability to rearrange storage space. When guests visit, you throw some of your unnecessary items into an already-messy closet or shove them underneath your bed. While it may have gotten the job done in the past, your clutter is just going to keep accumulating. Fortunately, there is an option to organize your living space without getting rid of your belongings. In this post, you will learn how to declutter your home with self storage.

1.   Take It One Room at a Time

Declutter Your Home
Declutter Your Home

To refrain from overwhelming yourself and giving up on the decluttering process, begin by taking it one room at a time. Make charts for each room to separate the items that will stay and the items that can be stored. In doing so, you can guarantee that you rid your home of unnecessary items that you may have forgotten otherwise. For instance, a homeowner may not remember that they have had their grandmother’s china set in their kitchen cabinet if they did not work on a room-to-room basis. They can free up that cabinet space by transferring the unused china set to a storage unit. Optimize self storage by sorting through one room at a time.

2.   Store Off-Season Belongings

Another way to effectively use self storage is to put off-season items away. Many homeowners recognize that their closets are overflowing with sweaters in the summer and vice versa. While you should still put your off-season clothing away, there are other items that can be stored seasonally too. For instance, consider your holiday decorations. You do not need your Halloween decorations in July just as you have no use for Fourth of July decorations in October. With a full service west Seattle storage company, you can “schedule your one-hour appointment window so you know exactly when your items will be arriving at your door.” This gives you the flexibility to store your items in storage and have them delivered whenever you need them. Declutter your home by storing all off-season belongings in a full service storage unit.

3.   Transfer Important Paperwork

Transfer Important Paperwork

Paperwork that is currently overtaking your drawers and countertops can also be stored in a self storage unit. Homeowners like yourself often accumulate tons of significant papers such as tax work and bank statements. While you may still need those papers, you do not need them creating clutter in your home. First, determine which papers you will need in the future. Dispose of the ones you have no use for and designate a storage box to the ones you want to keep. Label the box so that you know exactly where to find the papers when the time comes to put them to use. As long as they are put away for safe keeping, your home will appear much more organized.

4.   Use Shelves in Your Unit

Additionally, store more of your belongings by putting floating wall shelves up in your storage unit. You will not have to figure out which boxes can be stacked on top of one another if you have shelving. Pack the unit wisely by placing lighter items on the shelves and the heavier, larger items on the storage unit floor. Shelves allow you to feel at ease when putting fragile memorabilia away as well. If you keep delicate items on shelves, you do not have to worry about heavier ones damaging them. Furthermore, you can free up the shelf space in your home and declutter your rooms.

5.   Get Coverage for Your Storage

Protect your property from theft

Before finalizing the declutter process, insure your stored belongings. Although most storage facilities are well kept, there is always the possibility of disaster. Protect your property from theft and consider natural disasters as well. If you live in an area where flooding is common, get coverage for it. The same goes for any environmental factor that could harm your belongings. Shop around to get the lowest price for the most coverage. Keep your property until you have properly insured your storage unit items.

With self storage, you no longer have to struggle with decluttering your home. Start by working on a room-to-room basis to guarantee you store all unnecessary items. Put any off-season belongings away until they can be used again. Keep your important paperwork in a safe place by storing them in a unit. Use shelving in your storage unit to create more space for your property. Lastly, insure the items you plan to keep in your storage unit. You now know how to declutter your home with self storage.

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