Home Furniture The Tennis Chair by Gabriel Coch

The Tennis Chair by Gabriel Coch

This is not the first time we have seen a chair made from tennis balls. The Tennis Chair by Gabriel Coch is a comfortable and therapeutic seating unit that gives a new life to the dead tennis balls. Around 400 Million tennis balls are used every year in the U.S. and since they are not biodegradable, a large number ends up in landfills. If we consider the interior space of a 747 jumbo jet, which is around 32,000 cubic feet (or 32,000 hoppers of tennis balls, two hundred jumbo jets full of tennis balls reach landfills every year. The Tennis Chair has been designed as a solution to recycle the used tennis balls.

The balls on the chair can be marked for different things like autographs, dates or numbers. They can even be colored to suit your liking. Gabriel Coch has created the first prototype of the Tennis Chair and now they are looking for backers for the project.

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