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Philips unveils the new, playful Senseo Twist coffee maker

Serving perfection to your preference, Philips Senseo coffee makers brew great tasting coffee at the touch of a button. Philips has now come up with the new Senseo Twist coffee maker, which comes with a new logo and packaging. Offering a twist on the original design, the new Senseo Twist features innovative technology to enrich coffee lovers with enhanced features and taste. While the minimalist lines bestow the Senseo Twist with contemporary looks, the use of colors adds to the playfulness. Designed to impress and interest the design-savvy coffee lovers, the Philips Senseo Twist coffee machine is compact and convenient.

The new Senseo has the original opening system, but this time, the lever has been integrated into the lid and highlighted with a scoop. The funky spout is another highlight and it’s completely detachable. The drip tray can also be removed for easy cleaning. Each fill will give your 6-8 cups of freshly brewed coffee. Delivering a more intuitive and personal coffee brewing experience, the new Senseo Twist features a smart touch panel to help users prepare a great cup of coffee. Users can select the coffee strength and intensity according to their tastes. High-end models in the line boast Personal Coffee Memory, which remembers your preferences for the next time. The Philips Senseo Twist coffee maker makes 1-2 cups of coffee in less than a minute and is available in white, dark and metallic finishes, along with the playful color shades.

Via: Appliancist/Philips Senseo

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