Home Furniture 1930 Ford Rat Rod fantasy bed for budding racers

1930 Ford Rat Rod fantasy bed for budding racers

Parents are often caught in a tight spot when it comes to selecting kid’s bedroom furnishings. If you are looking for the right bed for your junior, who happens to be a budding driver, take a look at the wonderful 1930 Ford Rat Rod Fantasy Bed. The newest addition to the family of Kids Customs Fantasy Themed Beds at Etsy, the Ford Rat Rod bed is handcrafted with oak. The fantasy bed features a 7-inch TV/DVD player and red under mounted running lights to keep your kids entertained. If you kid is crazy about cars, he/she might never feel like getting out of this bed.

Other highlights include Plexiglas windows, hand panted grill with radiator cap, hand painted engine, dual red breathers, chrome side view mirrors, Rat Fink license plate and custom back bumpers. You also have the option to customize the bed in the color of your kid’s liking. The 1930 Ford Rat Rod Fantasy Bed for kids is priced at $2,695.

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