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Multifunctional Tavolina collection by Joo Design

The Tavolina collection from the house of Joo Design, which will be showcased at this year’s 100% Design show (Sept. 19-22, 2012), comprises multi-functional workspaces designed to be used in any environments. Tavolina (meaning ‘small table’ in Italy) is a flexible creation that can be used as both a cushion and a table, thanks to the fusion of the solid board and sofa bead cushion. Since it can be attached on to the floor or any flexible surface like sofa cushion or bed, the Tavolina is a highly functional collection of lifestyle products. The Tavolina Cushion Table and Stool table come with a detachable top that allows it to function like a stool-cum-table.

Moreover, you can remove and machine-wash the cushion cover. If you need a flat pack version, they have the Tavolina Air, which features an environmentally friendly PVC air tube and an inflatable air cushion. The Tavolina Air is mobile, easy to store and can be used in water. The Tavolina collection is available in an array of colors to suit your liking.


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