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Funky Skateboard coffee tables

We have earlier covered some of the most beautiful and functional coffee tables, including the levitating coffee tables, most luxurious high tech coffee tables and expandable coffee tables. This time, we have the strikingly beautiful skateboard coffee tables from the house of NSD Clothing. Available in different designs, these handmade coffee tables are sure to start conversations. The Red Birdhouse double skateboard table (£450) features two different designed birdhouse decks and comes with silver trucks and white wheels. The Spanner skateboard table (£450) enjoys custom creature heddings spanner decks, silver trucks, white wheels and chromed legs.

The single deck skateboard table (£300) from NSD comes signed by American professional skateboarder Ronnie Creage. Another highlight is the Pharaoh skateboard coffee table (£450), which has custom Santa Cruz pharaoh decks, black and orange venture trucks, and orange wheels and bearings. They also create custom skateboard coffee tables to suit your specific tastes.

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