Home Furniture Sound Leather Bed relaxes both your body and mind

Sound Leather Bed relaxes both your body and mind

People usually listen to soft and soothing music in the bed to calm their mind or nerves before finally entering the world of dream. If you too have a flair for music, here is a hi-tech bed that comes built-in with speakers to play your favorite tracks to relax your body as well as mind, setting the environment for a sound sleep. The Sound Leather Bed, as they call it, is upholstered in stone white bonded leather for a cubed frame, which gives it a contemporary look.

Locating speakers and MP3 connection unit elegantly at the sides of the headboard, the sound bed allows easy access to the sound system even when lying on the bed. You can change the track or control the volume by simply stretching your arm. Finishing the leather with detailed stitching, the sound bed hides all the wires elegantly to keep your bedroom free from clutter. Available in three standard sizes, i.e. single bed, double bed and king size bed, the sound bed ranges between £299 (about $481) and £349 (about $ 562).

Via: Redferret

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