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LIFX – The ultimate LED light bulb for smart homes

Here comes an intelligent light bulb, which can be controlled with your iPhone or Android phone. The LIFX is a Wi-Fi enabled, multicolored LED Lightbulb that lasts up to 40,000 hours or 25 years. The networked LIFX light bulb can be wirelessly controlled with a free smartphone app, which will be made available at App Store and Google Play. Interestingly, the app lets you change the color and brightness from anywhere and you can even go for the mood lighting according to the music being played. The lights turn on when you enter the home and turn off when you move out.

You can also adjust the settings, so that the LIFX wakes you up with gently increasing light and lulls you to sleep with slowly dimming light. If that was not enough, its makers are working on a software developer kit (SDK) and a hacker kit, so that more apps can be created to do a number of interesting things with the LIFX. Windows, Mac and Linux app is in the pipeline.

Designed and prototyped in Melbourne, Australia and San Francisco, USA, the easy-to-install LED light bulb will be made available in three types – Bayonet Cap, Edison Screw and Downlight. The Kickstarter project has already reached its pledged goal of $100,000.

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