Home Furniture Multifunctional Plain chair by Khota Creative Studio

Multifunctional Plain chair by Khota Creative Studio

Whether it’s your living room, bedroom or the patio, the “Plain” seating unit from the house of Khota Creative Studio looks to be a perfect fit. The Plain furniture unit not only offers you an elegant seating space, but also takes care of your storage needs. The curvaceous chair comprises two elements that have been lifted up from the ground level, which makes for exploration of elements on frontal disposition in a ”loving” concept. Made from MDF with finishes of wood foil, the chair enjoys a free flowing silhouette and accommodates two persons who can either sit or lie down facing each other.

The chair has 50 cm and 15 cm of maximum and minimum height respectively and 200 cm of width and length.  The Plain chair has storage space inside for your everyday stuff and encourages interaction and intimacy between two persons. The Khota Creative Studio has been founded by the architects Nuno Coelho, Pedro Barbosa and the designers Nuno Peixoto, Ricardo Pereira.

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