Home Furniture Electri-City tables by Benjamin Yates for geeky abodes

Electri-City tables by Benjamin Yates for geeky abodes

Using recycled printed circuit boards and other discarded waste electronic items, Benjamin Miall Yates creates stunning coffee tables that house miniature cities. Moreover, the miniature cityscapes made with digital waste inside acrylic or glass have been lit with fairy lights to attract everyone’s attention. A sure fit in our list of high tech coffee tables, Electri-Cities by Benjamin Yates even feature functional electronics like digiframes. One of his Electri-City tables comes with a working CD player and speakers.

Yates tries to use as much wasted components as possible. For example, the screws from computers have been used to fasten the city structures to the ground and the plastic or metal outer casings are used to form structures of the buildings or bridges. Other than the tables, Yates also creates Electri-Cities, which the eco conscious geeks can proudly hang on their walls.

Via: Dvice/Technabob/WonderHowTo

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