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Riddled Cabinet is one stunning sculptural furniture piece

Designed by acclaimed Steven Holl Architects for furniture manufacturer Horm Srl, the Riddled Cabinet is not just a functional storage unit, but an arresting sculpture too. The luxurious Riddled Cabinet boasts five perforated, beautiful walnut cubes with different spatial arrangements and eye-catching details. The inimitable patterns of perforation are courtesy of computer-controlled drills. Although, the Riddled Cabinet is one big piece made from heavy materials, its unique design delivers a sense of lightness and movement, with the light filling the surface.

The design makes for stunning patterns of light and shadow, which are sure to ask for attention at the very first glance. Enjoying contemporary American design, the Riddled cabinet draws its inspiration from the installation “Experiments in Porosity”. The Riddled cabinet featuring five open storage compartments and five hidden compartments is available at Wright 20 for a cool $26,500.

Via: Puruitist

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