Custom closet storage solutions to make the most of your space

Nowadays, everything has become more personalized.  We choose the alarm tone we wish to wake up hearing.  We select the computer layouts that are pleasing to look at and best enable us to access our information.  Our preferences are also often stored; so much of what we encounter is tailored to us.  As a result, we have grown accustomed to customization. This customized world affords us an abundance of convenience.  We waste less time sifting through information that is not relevant to us, and we are less stressed and more efficient when we engage with systems that are tailored to us.

However, sometimes it can be a challenge for our non-digital realities to meet the expectation of personalization and convenience that we have come to appreciate and expect in our lives.  I watched my dear friend Viv struggle with this disconnect. As a web designer and entrepreneur, Viv’s digital life and technological organization was a dream. All her digital devices were streamlined and in tune with her aesthetic and preferred modes of use.  It was a beautiful sight to see the ways this customization empowered her to relate to the world in just the way she needed.  However, her physical space was a disaster.  She wasn’t a slob, and she cared about her physical space.  It’s just that the ways that her room and house were organized were not conducive to the ways she best functioned.

Viv could plan an event, coordinate with executives, and book international meetings without missing a beat.  However, getting dressed for a party was a major undertaking.  Something was not matching up.  Brainstorming the dissonance between her tech life and her “real” life, we began to discuss all the customization tools in place in her tech life that enabled her to achieve incredible feats with aplomb. We knew that surely she was capable of managing things in the tangible world, but she needed a customized infrastructure in place so that she could organize and access her physical belongings in a manner tailored to how she in particular best operates.  The solution ended up being strikingly simple.  What Viv needed was a custom closet!

Closet organizing consultants helped her identify a customized closet system that was aligned with her preferred aesthetic and was conveniently set up in accordance with the ways she needed to approach accessing her belongings.  The transformation was immense.  Through choosing to customize the organizing systems throughout her house, the style and efficiency of her physical space came to match up with that of her digital life.

When we operate in a space that speaks to who we are, the possibilities of what we can accomplish unfold.  Customized spaces, cyber or real, tap into how we best do things and help us maximize our potential.  Viv’s experience is a reminder that customized organization of our physical space can bring the empowering personalization of the digital world into our homes and into the rest of our lives.

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