Home Furniture Modular Hocky seating collection by Marcin Wielgosz

Modular Hocky seating collection by Marcin Wielgosz

The Hocky seating collection by designer Marcin Wielgosz of Merely is an innovative and highly functional solution that allows users to create their own furniture arrangement to suit their liking. The modular collection features couches and armchairs with a range of tables that fit perfectly inside the slots. You can use the wooden tables as armrests, end tables, workstations or dining trays while you are watching TV. Since the tables slide inside the slots on the sofa, there are limitless possibilities to configure you space.

Available in any finish, the Hocky series can be chosen in any color or fabric to match your décor. Personally, I would not love to move the table repeatedly to get up from the couch. It would have made more sense if the tables had wheels.

Via: Gizmodo/Design-Milk

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