Niccolo Jose wants you to fall asleep in his made-to-measure furniture

Artist and furniture designer Niccolo Jose of Studio 10.10 creates amazing custom furniture pieces that pay tribute to Philippine history and combine Filipino craftsmanship with the keen awareness of human form and anatomy. To celebrate Studio 10.10’s one-year anniversary, Niccolo Jose has taken wraps off his new furniture collection dubbed Contrapposto. Made from different pieces of hardwood, every piece in his collection is custom made to suit buyer’s linking and measurements. The made-to-measure furniture units are created with the client’s comfort in mind.

Moreover, as the chairs are designed according to the client’ body movements, they can be also used as daybeds for taking naps. Made from reclaimed wood, the Contrapposto studio furniture pieces remind us of thrones found in oriental high places. Niccolo Jose aims to make people fall asleep in the furniture with his new collection. Some of the pieces in Contrapposto collection have been designed in the shape of human skeleton. Every creation at Studio 10.10 is bold, beautiful and is made to suit a person’s size, style and personality.

Pricing for the Contrapposto pieces starts at around $2,500 and goes as high as $4,200. The family-owned Studio 10.10 gallery is located at LRI Design Plaza in Garcia Makati City, Philippines.

Via: Inquirer Lifestyle

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