Home Furniture A sofa with integrated doghouse makes good sense

A sofa with integrated doghouse makes good sense

Very much like the Cat Tunnel Sofa, the new Dog House Sofa by Korean designer Seungji Mun combines a small doghouse and a comfortable sofa into one unit. The minimalist Dog House Sofa not only offers a private retreat for your dog, but also keeps your interiors a bit neat and clean. Personally, I believe that my Cocker Spaniel will love this sofa-cum-doghouse, as he loves to sit by my side while playing with his toys. Part of the pet furniture collection at m.pups, the Dog House Sofa features a cushioned side table, which fits small to medium sized dog easily.

Since pets are an integral part of the lives for many, it does make sense to be together and use the things together. Made with solid ash and canvas fabric, Mun’s playful Dog House Sofa comes with simple, easy-to-clean cushions.

Via: Gizmodo/Leibal

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