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Beach house design and décor ideas

Whether you live by the seashore or in some busy city, maritime inspired home décor has nowadays become quite popular with the modern homeowners. A beach themed home is a perfect option for those who can’t find enough time to make it to the beach, but have a penchant for nautical décor. Homeowners can easily bring the seaside feel inside their homes with splashes of bright and bold colors, sea-inspired accessories and beach house-style architecture.

With proper planning and a little effort, you can easily create a beach house of your dreams to enjoy the peace and calm of a beach irrespective of your location. Let’s take a look at some of the most important beach house design and décor ideas.

Selecting colors and textures:

With the right beach-themed color and texture selection, you can recreate oasis of peace and calm inside your home. When it comes to painting your walls, you can go for white or any other nautical-inspired color such as coral, watery blue, sand tones or light green. The colors you use should reflect the sandy beaches, sea, sky and the sun. Hints of yellow and brown for the interiors can create a perfect setting. When it comes to furniture, buy pieces with different shades of blue.

Furniture and Flooring:

The basic idea of having a beach house is to have a calm, clutter-free and peaceful atmosphere. Therefore, one must go for minimalist furniture units to create a comfortable setting. You can get your furniture pieces painted in beach-inspired colors. Placing a hammock or a lounger on the patio or the poolside is sure to bring in the feeling of relaxing by the beachside. Natural wooden flooring is a must-have for a beach house. Choose minimalist flooring and complement it with textured area rugs.


Decorative accessories play a big role while decorating your home in a beach style. Some natural beach decor accessories include seashells, rocks, coral, sand, stones and driftwood. Festoon you walls with coral inspired shelving, captain’s wheels or fishing gear. For the dining room, you can create a beach style décor easily by placing some scented candles and seashells on the dining table. Use sea-inspired lighting fixtures throughout the home. In kitchen and bathroom, you can use towels in flip-flop designs and put some decorative nautical elements on the shelves. For bedroom, you can use beach-themed bedding with throw pillows displaying some sea elements like a lighthouse. You can hang a ship or a sea themed portrait on the wall.

Window Treatments:

When it comes to window treatments for a beach house, you don’t need to have a big budget. Keep it simple. You can use simple wooden blinds, choose a mild color and go for sheer fabrics. Ready-made sheers can be easily found in the market and they don’t cost a fortune.

There are a few people have taken their liking for nautical décor to an entire new level by living in houses that literally look like seashells. Check out some of the most stunning Seashell houses.

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