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Light by Moore’sCloud is beautiful, intelligent and connected!

After the LIFX Wi-Fi enabled multicolored LED light bulb and the open-source Wi-Fi enabled Visualight bulb by Leif Percifield, we now have the Light by Moore’sCloud, a lamp that comes with a LAMP stack. Featuring Wi-Fi connectivity and a small-but-powerful computer running LINUX, the Light by Moore’sCloud flaunts 52 LEDs in two million colors, which enriches you with a number of patterns and animations. The box-shaped Light by Moore’sCloud can be connected with a smartphone, a tablet or any other communication device with an HTML5-compliant browser.

Photograph the color of birds, flowers or sky, and the Light by Moore’sCloud will automatically generate that color. It gives a whole new meaning to mood lighting. Connected intelligence lets you enjoy innumerable applications with Light by Moore’sCloud. One of its cool applications is the’ landing strip’. Imagine waking up in the middle of the night and a tap on your bedside lamp only lights up all other lights in the house to guide you. Isn’t that interesting? The Light by Moore’sCloud can talk to other devices in your home or in some other part of the world. With its soft, subtle play of fading colors, it doubles as an amazing nightlight.

You can also synchronize the Light with other media, such as electronic books, music, broadcasts and internet streams and changes colors to match the scene and mood. The Light by Moore’sCloud comes with pre-installed apps and you can find many more tested and secure apps at the Moore’sCloud App Store. They have also created a software platform called WuVoxels, which lets you create your own procedural animations. The integrated accelerometer responds to the touches instantly.

The Light by Moore’sCloud is definitely much more than just a lamp and currently, the good folks behind the project are developing UX and UI that will enable it to talk to the connected devices. If you find the Light by Moore’sCloud interesting, you can also join them on their development blog to have you say.


Cheers! Light by Moore’sCloud

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