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Bullion wall clock tells time with precision lasers

There is a range of unusual and interesting wall clock designs available in the market these days, which not only tell time in a unique way, but also add vibrancy to your wall décor. Designed by Eric Wang, the Bullion wall clock shows time in a distinctive way with an array of precision lasers. The wall clock features concentric stainless steel medallions, which are arranged over one another. The static medallion in the topmost position integrates a circular array of laser pointers to differentiate the hours on surface of your wall. The other two medallions rotate and feature a laser pointer each to show minute and hour hands.

The tapering on the sides of the Bullion clock directs the lasers onto the wall surface. You can attach the Bullion to the wall using the included magnetic attachment. A soft press on the face of the clock turns it on and off. Looking for something geeky? Check out some of the most amazing Nixie Tube clocks for geeky abodes.

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