Most amazing DIY coffee tables fit for geeky homes

We have earlier introduced you to levitating coffee tables and some of the most luxurious high tech coffee tables of all time. This time, we have the most amazing DIY coffee tables that would look just perfect inside any geeky man cave. While one can easily find a high tech coffee table in the market, there are geeky, creative minds who prefer to make one on their own. Hit the jump to see some stunning DIY coffee tables that are sure to add a unique, geeky touch to the décor of your living space.

  •  DIY Tron: Legacy coffee table

Reddit DIYer xLunchboxxx, who seems to be a big fan of the digital world of Tron, has designed this geeky coffee table using five meters of $70 RGB LED lights and a custom tabletop. He worked closely with custom fabricator Formulor to transform his 2D plans into an amazing 2-piece 3D tabletop. The plug-in coffee table glows in a myriad of colors and features a charging point for your phone/tablet in its center. The DIY Tron: Legacy inspired coffee table also has wireless and wired connection options via micro USB and 3.5 mm audio cable.

  • Computer Board Table

Done by GuyInMilwaukee, the Computer Board Table has been made out of two tables. One table on the inside holds computer boards and the other on the outside doubles as the tabletop. The boards and drivers have been taken from obsolete Intergraph 6000 series machines. It has around 2800 baud modem parts and other random parts. The integrated LED lights add to the overall appearance.

  • Pinball Coffee Table

Born out of the playfield of a pinball machine, the Pinball Coffee Table was created by a geek for his girlfriend. The couple met at a pinball convention, so he thought that it would make for a perfect gift. The materials used to create the Pinball coffee table includes pinball playfield, wood pieces, tempered glass, 6V battery, Rocker switch and the regular woodworking tools.

  • DIY LED Coffee Table

This beautiful Pong coffee table is made with 65 microcontrollers, 4096 LEDs and a secondhand coffee table. The table was built for the four-way multiplayer pong and four Atari 2600 controllers (circa 1977) control the game. The LED matrices (8 on each side) on the plastic frame are controlled with a custom router board connected to an Olimex LPC2106 development board. The system gets its juice from a hacked 500 watt CPU power supply.

  • DIY RGB LED Table

To create this unique coffee table, the hacker used a set of 81 individually controlled RGB LEDs and attached them to the frame to make a stunning illuminating object. Each LED on the table can be controlled to change the colors using Adruino. The LED array sits beneath the table.

  • DIY NES Controller Coffee Table

If you are a Nintendo fan, this is your DIY coffee table. Kyle Downes checked the proportions of an NES controller and fixed it into a giant working control pad that functions as a coffee table. The NES Controller Coffee Table is made from MDF board and a glass sheet.

  • DIY Arcade Machine Coffee Table

Created by IKEA Hacker reader Sam Wang, the Arcade Machine Coffee Table runs MAME and was inspired by the Double7 Arcade Table by Surface Tension. Sam Wang has used a cheap table and a couple of drawers to transform a coffee table into an amazing two-player arcade cabinet.

  • DIY PlayStation Controller Coffee Table


An upshot of 20 woks of hard work, this DIY coffee table boasts an entire controller with plywood, MDF and veneer on veneer. While MDF was used for MDF for the right and left legs, Marl M used veneer on veneer for the two analogue joysticks. The controller features a white gloss finish and buttons enjoy black gloss.

  • Raspberry Pi Powered Coffee Table

If you love arcade gaming, this DIY project is sure to impress you. Done by Graham Gelding the Coffee Table Pi combines a 24-inch monitor with LED backlight, arcade buttons, a Raspberry Pi board and a wooden coffee table. The included wireless keyboard and mouse lets you surf the net easily.

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