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Havaleena LED lights ditch cords for strings

Designed to add a colorful, warm glow to your dinner table, patio, living room or garden, the Havaleena cordless LED lights will endow a radiant ambiance to any place or any event. The colored LED lights come supplied with a steel cable and gripper for converting them into a hanging accessory, which can further be attached to patio umbrellas, overhangs, lattices or tree branches.

When you string the LEDs across a rack or a curtain pole, the arrangement makes for an amazing indoor or outdoor decoration. For creating hanging Havaleena, what you need to do is attach an aluminum cap to the stem of light using a sturdy .32″ stainless steel cable. The cable’s other end has stainless steel gripper: a single-entry gripper with a hanging hook or a stainless steel looped gripper which can be looped over any overhead structures like tresses, tree branches or patio umbrellas. Further, you need to attach it onto the gripper to create the perfect portable light you can take anywhere you feel like.

The $59 LED lights come with $22 option 1 accessory pack or another $19 option 2 accessory pack. So, what’s your pick?

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