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Meet Paladin, the most complete home security and automation system

Security System

Now is the high time to look beyond conventional manual clocks and dumb thermostats, and adopt elegantly advanced Wi-Fi enabled systems that combine home security with automation effortlessly. Moreover, the modern day home security systems allow you put your home security and climate controls online for your reference. Designed by a UK based industrial designer Steven Burgess, Paladin is one such avant-garde system that uses a range of devices to offer myriad functions like home security, family monitoring, energy management, fire and flood detection and home automation.

The system relies on a cloud-based platform to provide Connected Home Value Added Services. Conceived for modern homes, Paladin ensures round-the-clock access to your home-related data. Users may further view or respond to alerts with remote access or through various associated apps. The wholly customizable system flaunts a white circular base protected by a polished aluminum grill. Nicely incorporated into its key design specifications, the unique family form ensures unity between its constituent products. Thanks to a stand that elevates the main hub off the floor, the Paladin system flaunts a minimal surface footprint.

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