Home Furniture Michael Jantzen designs shape-shifting, interactive tables

Michael Jantzen designs shape-shifting, interactive tables

What do you make out of the above-pictured piece of furniture? Creative, practical, highly flexible or transformable? We do second your thoughts if any of these expressions describes your reaction. Conceived by Michael Jantzen, these one-off tables seek to introduce a definite element of art into contemporary furniture. The shape-shifting tables, labeled as Interactive, Segmented Tables, feature certain identical segments packed in between two perpendicular support sections. Users can find two disc shaped knobs on both sides of the tables which they need to loosen for creating myriad configurations. The identical segments rotate around a central support rod, thus allowing users to transform the tables to any shapes they feel like.

Aside from catering to your artistic side, the tables carry out their primary function elegantly. For doing so, you need to rotate one or more segments to ensure that the flat sides are up and they create a horizontal surface. Since the segments flaunt different colors, the slightest rotation of segments ensures a different color pattern. As of now, the Interactive, Segmented Tables are in concept stage, so you definitely need to wait until they finally hit the production line.

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