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X-Control system makes cooking more interactive

When all your home gadgets and appliances are digitizing to ease your life then why should your cooking system remain square and conservative. Giving a digital touch to your kitchen, Turkish designer Fatih Can Sarioz has come up with an interactive cook top dubbed the “X-Control” that greets both normal and physically challenged users on equal merit to ensure effortless cooking.

Allowing the user to check cooker remotely without the need to move in the kitchen frequently, the new interactive cooking system is just ideal for the physically disabled users for it let them switch on/off, set the timer again and reduce or increase the heat while sitting in the living area. In addition, users can create an online account to download new recipes, making cooking more interactive than ever before.

Moreover, users can share their recipes or photographs of food with their friends. Comprising two separate units, i.e. induction cooking plate and control pad, the X-Control Interactive cooking system connects the pad to the cooker to charge it. Connecting to the cooker by Bluetooth, the pad can be placed both vertically and horizontally on the table for the ease of use.

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Via: Fatih Can Sarioz

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