Pump Table 001 makes a great addition to your geeky den

Here is yet another geeky coffee table that will look great inside any man cave. Created by Brooks Coleman, who also designs one-of-a-kind bras, the Pump Table 001 features a wrought iron frame and a clear polycarbonate box, which contains semi functional computer circuit elements, which control the servo motors inside. The motors move the tiny found objects inside the table and run the syringe pumps that force colored water and bubbles through a series of tubes and chambers. A timing sequencer controls the lighting to illuminate the table in an aesthetic way.

The Pump Table 001 was created in the mid 1990s and there is no guarantee that every part of it will work fine. However, Brooks says that it is still in good working condition to turn heads when turned on. Do check out our list of the most luxurious high tech coffee tables of all time and the most amazing DIY coffee tables fit for geeky homes.

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