Home Furniture Low Boy Glowing Coffee Table is sure a converation starter

Low Boy Glowing Coffee Table is sure a converation starter

Furniture and lighting are possibly the most important components to enhance the decor of modern spaces. If you are looking to give a flashy look to your living space, the Glowing Coffee Table from Bar Chefs is a creative unit that apart from being a piece of furniture also helps you glowing the interior. The flashy table comes with a built-in LED light that can be controlled with a remote to set the mood.

Compatible with BarChefs brand rechargeable batteries, the low boy light up coffee table can be plugged to a wall socket for charging. The optional rechargeable batteries can glow the table for about five hours after each charge. Offering a wide range of color options, the trendy coffee table lets you choose from 20 solid color shades wirelessly with the help of the remote control. Moreover, the memory program feature lets you produce inimitable colors.

Made from acrylic to ensure durability, the recreational home furniture can also be used as a nightclub lounge table to set the atmosphere. Though the standard size mood table costs about $520, however, you can order the Low Boy Glowing Coffee Table in different shapes and dimensions to meet your personal needs or likings.

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