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Design Miami: Galerie BSL presents Naturoscopie

Design Miami, now in its eighth edition, is in full swing. At this year’s design fair, Galerie BSL is presenting Naturoscopie 2, a limited edition of lighting created by renowned French designer and interior architect Noé Duchaufour-Lawrance, especially for the global forum for design. The collection highlights an idea of nature that’s harnessed, sensed and recreated rather than imitated. The function of the design object is filled with an emotional imprint, with respect to nature, when the sunlight moves through the foliage of a tree or when the sky changes with the wind.

The organic shapes of the pieces in the collection are a real attention grabber. The Naturoscopie collection has been made with synthetic materials like carbon fiber and Plexiglas, along with the use of LEDs and digital programming. The new collection is characterized with black lighting and new white versions. Galerie BSL will also be exhibiting the first furniture pieces by famous jewelry designer Taher Chemirik.

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