Utility furniture includes a lamp, table, shelves, chairs and more

BADAC the shelf life_02

With city apartments cramping for space due to ever increasing population, people are looking for modular or multifunctional objects to make the most out of the limited space. Drawing inspiration from the traditional modular trays, young Korean designer Choi Sang A has come up with a utility furniture hailed as the “BADAC the shelf life” that includes a lamp, coffee table, shelves and chairs to utilize the space in small urban homes.

Dividing a low table into eight different parts that one can use according to his/her needs, the utility furniture elegantly hides a particular element under its surface to allow a clutter free space. In short, the shelf life lets you enjoy the functions of a lamp, coffee table, shelves and chairs without occupying the whole room in small apartments where extra space is just like gold.

Via: Espritdesign

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