Home Furniture Is Human Hoist the world’s coolest chair on wheels?

Is Human Hoist the world’s coolest chair on wheels?

The Human Hoist

This chair is going to make us lazy…super lazy. The Human Hoist is a high tech creeper-chair that is sure to impress any professional mechanic, technician or a hardcore DIYer. With the Human Hoist, bending over or laying down gets as easy as one could imagine. Simply get your hands to work. The mechanical chair is powered by two 18-volt rechargeable batteries and has been uniquely designed for lifting, lowering and reclining. It comes with automatic headrest, adjustable control arms and three castor wheels for full mobility.

The Human Hoist transforms from a 26-inch tall chair into a 4-inch creeper and you can stop it in any preferable position. The Human Hoist is currently looking for potential investment and/or manufacturer to put the chair into production.

Human Hoist

Human Hoist creeper

Watch the Human Hoist in action to decide if it’s the world’s coolest chair on the wheels.

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