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Transformation of a plant pot from Japan to Italy

The Plant Pot Study by Ryosuke Fukusada at Fukusada Design aims at bringing a Japanese household product to Italy with a new take. Born in 1979 in Osaka, Japan, Fukusada moved to Italy in 2007. The project shows how a planter pot that’s widely used in Japanese interior could be transformed to suit the domestic gardens in Italy. In Japan, a plant pot is usually put inside a bamboo basket for display at homes. This bamboo basket has a handle, so that you can move it around with ease. The designer brings the concept to Italy, where the bamboo is replaced with leather, which is synonymous with the Italian interiors.

While the planter pot still has the same form and function as a Japanese product, it has been modified to be displayed elegantly in the Italian domestic gardens. The “Plant Pot Study” was done for ‘Made to Cultivate’ project started by Simone Simonelli and Stefano Citi and was showcased in Valcucine Milan 2010. Ryosuke Fukusada is also quite famous for his wooden light bulb.

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