Easy Wash fits on to the bucket to your laundry with ease

Easy Wash washing machine concept

Doing laundry is one big task, especially if you are a student living in a hostel or someone living in a shared apartment. Aimed straight at this group, the Easy Wash by Chandrima Deuri is a compact, portable washing machine that comes with just four functions – Off, 5 minutes, 10 minutes and 15 minutes – to ease the infuriating task of washing clothes. After you have put the clothes, detergent and water inside a regular sized bucket, you can fix the Easy Wash over the bucket with the help of the included locks at the opposite sides. Plug it in and you are all set to wash your clothes.

There is the LED On/Off alarm on the top of the Easy Wash. Compact and efficient, the Easy Wash can be used by anyone with utmost ease. Earlier, we have shown you some amazing electricity-free washing machines and a guide to help buy the right washing machine.

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