Reactive LED desk lamp responds to the environment

Reactive LED Desk Lamp 1

Interactive lighting is cool and fun, and the Reactive LED Desk Lamp by Nicholas Kramer is no exception. The desk lamp enjoys a unique design, featuring a series of three disks that spin individually up to 180 degrees. It uses a photometer to respond to the environment and adjusts the brightness of each of its disks accordingly. Moreover, it also controls the number of disks that glow. The Reactive desk lamp automatically adapts itself to the surroundings to define the amount of light needed to light the area effectively.

The integrated manual override feature lets you control the light output. The base of the Reactive LED desk lamp has the buttons and it doubles as a soothing night light with a soft glow.

Reactive LED Desk Lamp 3

Reactive LED Desk Lamp 2

Reactive LED Desk Lamp 4

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