Rock Pot lets you make a perfect cup of tea every time

Rock Pot tea pot

A perfect cup of tea could have different meanings for different persons, depending on their taste and preferences. Brewing tea is without doubt a work of art that needs patience. If you are looking for something to balance your brew perfectly, Rock Pot is the solution. An upcoming Quirky product, the Rock Pot is a unique teapot that comes with two resting angles to give you easy, complete control over the infusing process. All you need to do is to put the water into the pot and the loose-leaf tea into the infusing chamber.

When you think your tea has reached the desired level, you can simply tilt the Rock Pot forth to stop the infusing process and enjoy your perfect cup of tea. The Rock Pot boasts a minimalist design, comes with an ergonomic handle and has a transparent body that lets you watch your tea getting ready.

Rock Pot tea pot 4

Rock Pot tea pot 1

Rock Pot tea pot 2

Rock Pot tea pot 3

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