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Starting Your Bathroom Remodel: 6- Things to Know Before You Begin

by Dr Prem Community Writer
Starting Your Bathroom Remodel

Even though your bathroom maybe one of the smallest rooms in your home, it’s still a major part of daily life for you and your family. But that doesn’t mean it’s ideal. Sometimes the layout doesn’t work for you, or maybe it needs updating because it’s an eyesore. If the home you live in just doesn’t measure up to the perfect family home due to the bathroom, a remodel maybe the ultimate fix. Regardless of the size, scale, or type of renovation you are planning, there are a few important things to know and take into consideration before beginning the project.

1. Know the Price

bathroom projectOften bathroom remodels are substantially more expensive than people might think. The average remodel runs just north of $10,000, and many bathroom remodels are even more expensive. A partial or extremely scaled back renovation, however, may just be a few thousand. When all costs are added up, many experts suggest that your bathroom project should not run you more than 5-10% of your home’s overall value.

It’s crucial to know the total price before you start a project, but it’s just as important to know what each item for the project costs individually. Fixtures and plumbing are often close to 30 % of the overall cost, whereas counters and surfaces, labor and cabinetry are closer to 20% of the total cost each.

When trying to find a bathroom products installer, it’s easiest to go online and search something like, “leading installer of bathroom products in Utah” to find the most relevant company near you.

2. I Spy: A Toilet

When planning the overall layout of your new bathroom, don’t make your toilet the first thing you see. No one wants their toilet to be the focal point of a newly designed, well thought-out remodel. Also, most of the time, bathroom doors get left open. So, when someone walks through your house, you definitely don’t want your toilet to be the main attraction. However, this is super easy to avoid with a little planning and forethought.

3. Make Storage a Priority


Oftentimes, people tend to forget about storage, and it becomes more of an afterthought. But you shouldn’t discount the importance of storage — especially in a bathroom. The solution to lack of storage is to think about and plan for adequate storage from the get-go. Many structural plans and features of a bathroom will need to be modified or adjusted, according to the type and amount of storage you need. Therefore, make it a priority and don’t wait until it is too late.

4. Outlet Access Needed

Everyone has been in a bathroom that has only one outlet on the far side of the room. This is extremely inconvenient when you need to dry, straighten or curl your hair and someone else needs an outlet, too. And yet, so many people forget to plan for plenty of accessible electrical outlets. Planning for the number of outlets, in the places you need them, should be considered and made known very early in the project.

5. Good Lighting is Key

Good Lighting is Key

According to lighting specialist, good bathroom lighting is the end result of layers of accent, ambient, task, and decorative lighting. That being stated, good bathroom lighting doesn’t just magically happen or involve one bulb in a socket. Everyone wants good lighting in a bathroom, and yet it seems like a magic trick to pull it off. Don’t leave it to chance. Consult a lighting specialist or your bathroom designer to make sure you get your lighting right.

6. You Need to Know Your Bathroom’s Dimensions

In order to the get sizing and dimensions correct in your finished bathroom, it’s going to take a little bit of homework. Obtain the dimensions of your bathroom in areas where your things like your toilet, tub and vanity will go to avoid having fixtures and furnishings that are way too big for the space.

If you are short on space, check out some of the popular scaled-down bathroom features now available. You can get a smaller space-saving tub and toilet. Plus, a sink can be angled in a corner to take up a lot less space. Do your research and see what options are out there.

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