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Cleaning Guide for Keeping Your Home Clean and Healthy

by Dr Prem Community Writer

Our home is our sanctuary and the place where we spend the most time. While we would all like to think that our home is healthy and free of dangers, many of us do not realize the dangers that exist within our own home. We all clean our homes regularly to prevent the buildup of dust, dander, and debris, but these things can be hiding in places that we do not check or clean frequently enough. To ensure that your home is free from as many allergens as possible, you may want to consider looking at these places to improve the overall health of your home and your family living in the home.

#1) Mattress


Changing the sheets and washing and drying your mattress pad and pillowcases can help keep your mattress clean. While these are great preventive measures for keeping your mattress clean, you should highly consider getting a new mattress if your mattress is older than eight years. A mattress that is more than eight years old collects and builds up dust, dander, dead skin, and even dust mites that may not be visible to the eye.

Since we cannot see these things, most people do not realize the dangers that are present in the mattress. If you notice that you or your family members are experiencing allergies, it could be from the mattress, since you spend about eight hours each day there. If you are considering a new mattress you may have considered the debate between Leesa vs Purple. Both mattresses are great because they can be shipped to your door; however, the purple mattress tends to be more comfortable and durable.

#2) Vents and Ducts

The air that we breathe in our home comes through our vents and our air ducts. Whenever we have the air conditioning or the heat on, the air circulates through our home through these two main areas. If these areas are not properly cleaned and maintained, you may be exposing you and your family to allergens. Dust builds up on your air vents so they should be regularly vacuumed and dusted to prevent build up. Since air ducts are impossible to reach without proper equipment, you should consider getting your ducts cleaned every few years to improve the air quality within your home.

#3) Air Filter

Air filterTo keep your home fresh and clean, you should also change your air filter regularly. Most experts recommend that you change your air filter every six months to ensure that the highest quality air is moving through your system. One of the best ways to remember this trick is to change your air filter at the start of air conditioning season and the start of the heating season. This can help reduce the allergens your family is exposed to and also improve the efficiency of your heat and air systems.

#4) Curtains

We often view our curtains as only something to look at. They can add style and character to any room, but they can also add dirt to our home as well. Most of us do not clean our curtains as much as they should be cleaned. Experts recommend that curtains be cleaned each week to reduce the amount of dirt and dander in your home. To properly clean your curtains, you can try vacuuming them, but the easiest way to clean them is likely to put them in the washer and dryer.

#5) Carpets

CarpetCarpets are a popular flooring choice around the world. We all vacuum regularly to pick up the dirt and debris that we see, but carpets need to be cleaned more thoroughly to pick up the dirt and dander that has built up over years. You should get your carpets professionally cleaned every other year to help reduce the amount of dirt in your home.

Since you spend most of your time in your home, you should take the time to ensure that it is as clean as possible for you and your family. A clean home can reduce the number of allergies you and your family have and improve your overall health. This will improve your overall mood and keep you feeling happier and healthier each and every day. After cleaning these things thoroughly, you may find yourself sleeping better, waking rested, and feeling rejuvenated each day.

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