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CES 2013: Whirlpool 2020 offers a glimpse of the kitchen of the future

Whirpool Fireplace 2

At the CES 2013, Whirlpool, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of home appliances, is showcasing some cool, high tech concepts for the kitchen of the future. The highlights from the Whirlpool 2020 showcase at their CES booth include Art Gallery Hoods, White Ice Kitchen Collection, an innovative Fireplace, CoolVox refrigerator, FreshConnect and 6th Sense Live technology. The most enticing of all these concepts is the Whirlpool Fireplace, which is designed around the concept of social gathering.

The concept Fireplace is a dining table that heats and cools both foods and drinks. It has a cooking reservoir in the center, a cooling surface, a color-changing hood and mood lighting. The Fireplace technology senses and adapts to the containers placed on it and responds accordingly.  Next in the line is the Fresh Connect from Whirlpool, a system of refrigerated cubes that gives new meaning to shopping for food items. It features streamlined access to a select network of food suppliers, a Central Cooling system and customizable accessories that keeps your food fresh.

The Whirlpool CoolVox refrigerator is yet another cool concept that uses Bluetooth to play music from a speaker integrated in its door. The Whirlpool’s 6th Sense Live technology lets you control home appliances with utmost ease. With 6th Sense Technology, you can control your refrigerator temperature, lock your dishwasher control console and cut down on electricity bills when connected to Smart Grid.

The Art Gallery Hoods lets homeowners expand the possibilities of their kitchen décor. The Art Gallery Hood feature beautiful glass panels with six interchangeable colors and designs. The White Ice Kitchen Collection flaunts contemporary accents and metallic cues to add to the overall décor of your kitchen.

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